3 Tips to Make the BacklotCars Marketplace Work for You

New to sourcing vehicles on a bid-ask marketplace? Making the move to digital can seem daunting, but with BacklotCars, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, the entire bid-ask marketplace was designed to replace traditional auctions and put you in the driver’s seat of sourcing your inventory.

We believe in making wholesale easy, so let’s dive into three things you can do today to make the BacklotCars marketplace work for you.

Create a Saved Search

Even with thousands of fresh listings hitting the site daily, you have control of what kind of vehicles you see. Start by using filters like price, location, make, or model and select Save Search. This feature not only means you can return to these parameters in the future, it also helps BacklotCars know what kind of alerts to send you.

Smart dealers can even take this a step further by utilizing the Watchlist feature and selecting specific cars to watch for deal movement.

Use Buy it Now

See a vehicle you like? While vehicles on the marketplace move fast—most selling within a day—you can speed up the process even further by using the Buy it Now feature when it’s available. The price you see is the price you pay, so skip the back and forth and get right to making the trade yours.

Download the App

Ditch the desk and download the BacklotCars app. Make offers, browse inventory and monitor your deals on the go. While your competition is waiting for their next timed auction to start, you’ll be closing your third deal of the day.

With technology changing the automotive industry to an always-on marketplace, it’s important to know how to navigate the changes without compromising your business growth. Get started on BacklotCars today and make the marketplace work for you!

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