After the Sale, Hit the Road

One of the biggest issues I hear about when discussing buying vehicles online is transportation. While online car buying has made it easier than ever for dealers to get the inventory they want at a lower cost, getting those vehicles from the sale facility, whether that is the dealer lot, distribution center or auction, to the dealership has its challenges — namely cost, convenience and reliability.

But don’t let that stop you! If you’re buying your cars through an ADESA auction or buying DealerBlock vehicles on, help is available to minimize the hassle and effort of setting up, tracking and paying for transportation when buying online.

Transportation Options

If you’re buying at a physical ADESA auction, most locations offer a driver pool — auction employees who can drive your newly purchased vehicles, no matter the type, to your dealership’s lot. This is a great option if your dealership is located close by.

Other good options are readily available through the transport manager at your local auction. They can help you find the fastest, most economical way to get your vehicles home. Their sources give you the best chance at quicker delivery and lower costs in your area.

If you’re buying DealerBlock vehicles on, you can connect seamlessly with CarsArrive and receive a real-time quote for your purchase. CarsArrive is a network of carriers across the country that features a trusted and secure online platform where dealers can access price quotes, schedule delivery times, scan available loads and review transport listings.

Using CarsArrive takes care of all three transportation considerations:

  • Cost, by allowing you to access price quotes in real-time as you purchase on and choose the best carrier options for your budget.
  • Convenience, by giving dealers the ability to schedule delivery times and ensure their inventory arrives when they want it.
  • Reliability, when using CarsArrive, you can rest easy knowing your inventory is being transported by a trusted and dependable carrier.

Because of its vast network, CarsArrive is a great option if you’re buying cars online or need vehicles shipped anywhere in the country.

While this is only a small sample of the best transportation practices, these are the ones used by some of the most successful car dealers in the country. Use these tips to start buying out of market to get what you need with lower transport costs.

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