Best of the Best: The Top 3 Go Digital Articles of 2020

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It’s a new year and that means it’s time to hit the ground running with fresh digital solutions from KAR Global. We looked back at last year’s Go Digital series to find which articles our customers engaged with the most to see what they found most valuable and interesting. 

Here are the top three articles that helped our dealers better understand and leverage our digital solutions in 2020. 

In-Lane and Online: More Alike Than You Think 

When you really drill down into the actual in-lane experience vs. the online experience, they aren’t all that different. Find out why you need to start thinking of digital not as a radical change, but as a radical advantage for you to unlock. 

4 Things to Know Before You Sell Digital 

With over 150,000 buyers and over 2.2 million cars sold on KAR Global’s digital channels, there’s an undeniable need for dealers to tap into the digital market when selling vehicles. This article outlines the top things to keep in mind before you sell digitally.  

5 Tips for Finding the Best Deals at Digital Auctions 

No matter which digital platform you’re bidding on, you always want to find the best deal. By removing geographic restrictions, going digital allows you to find whatever you’re looking for, giving you the ability to choose the best deal for you. Take a look at these five tips before your next bid.  


New to digital auctions? Whether you’re a Buyer or Seller, our Go Digital series can help take your dealership to the next level.

The opinions expressed in the Go Digital series are the opinions of the authors only and not those of KAR Global.

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