Delighting Customers—One Connection at a Time

Delight (verb): to give joy or satisfaction to**

When it comes to customer service at OPENLANE, our teams aim to delight customers in every call, interaction, and experience. We build meaningful connections with our customers—and their customers—to inspire loyalty, establish trust, and develop a shared sense of ownership.

OPENLANE is leading the industry as the most utilized upstream remarketing platform for a reason—and I believe that reason is highly connected with the specialized service we offer to customers.

Research shows that there are nearly three million customer service representatives in the U.S. So what differentiates OPENLANE’s customer service team from others? Below are five tips from the OPENLANE team that any customer service team can and should adapt to meet their own unique business needs.

1. Make it Personal
OPENLANE provides data analytics and comprehensive technology solutions for more than 40 private label captive finance and fleet customers. So what’s our one-stop-shop service solution? That’s a trick question, because there isn’t one, and there shouldn’t be. Our customer service teams deliver unique and specialized solutions on behalf of each customer. Our teams are built around our customers and are true partners in offering the best business solutions for their specific needs.

2. Deliver Delight
Always aim to over-deliver and exceed expectations. Every customer interaction is an important one and can leave a lasting impression. When interacting with customers, smile a bit wider, go the extra mile, take the extra time and listen a little longer. Research shows that even for non-visual interactions, smiling while on the phone can make for a more rewarding interaction. These experiences, however small they may seem, will make a big impact in delivering delight and satisfaction to customers.

3. Be a Business Advocate
Our customer teams are made up of subject matter experts. They know our customers’ pain points better than anyone, and bring sound ideas and solutions to the table that solidify our role as a true partner. Our targeted solutions range from custom marketing promotions, vehicle recommendations, outreach efforts, and buyer solutions—each very specific to deliver solutions to reach each sellers target.

4. Create Connections
Despite all the benefits of a digital world, consumers can feel more disconnected than ever. It’s our job as customer service representatives to create the connection and “humanize” our business interactions. By truly understanding each of our customer’s objectives, employees can focus conversations to be more personable and consultative rather than transactional. And don’t forget to take the time to thank customers—show appreciation and don’t take their business for granted. Customers can make or break a business, and their loyalty and trust is something that should be earned diligently with every connection.

5. Close the Feedback Loop
Ask and you shall receive. Ask your customers often for feedback regarding their satisfaction. Ask them to rate their experience and give input into future offerings. Follow-up on that feedback and show the customer what you’ve done to improve their experience. OPENLANE takes both formal and informal feedback very seriously and has seen many innovations and enhancements on both the product and service side come to fruition from this valuable feedback.

Like every successful business, we are nothing without our customers and we are nothing without our connections. Thank you to our customer connections team who delight our customers—and their customers—every day.


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