Delivering Customer Service in Times of Change

At KAR Global, customer service is at the core of everything we do. With our digital shift—accelerated over the past 19 months—we’ve been able to apply new and innovative technologies to complement our customer-obsessed team resulting in massive improvements to our customers’ experience.  

To celebrate Customer Service Week, I’d like to highlight some of the initiatives and projects we’ve worked on this year to help make everything about our customer experience fast, fair and easy. 

Voice of the Customer 

The most important part of improving customer service is listening to your customers. That idea isn’t new at KAR Global, but how we collect feedback and apply it is. We’ve built a powerful Salesforce platform to solicit, track, analyze data and follow up on customer feedback through centralized surveys including our Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

We call it the “Voice of the Customer” and we use it to identify customer pain points so our team can apply feedback to improve our products, operations, and everything we do for our customers.  

Unified Contact Center 

With the shift to digital, many of our customers are trying new marketplace platforms and tools for the first time. Naturally, this resulted in larger customer call volumes, but we didn’t want this to affect the quality and speed of customer service delivered. To ensure that, we closely examined our support process and structure across marketplaces and services resulting in the creation of the KAR Global Contact Center.  

By consolidating our support network, we’re able to provide first-call resolution for our customers regardless of the marketplace they transact on. This unified model allows for end-to-end support and a more effortless transaction for our customers. 

Efficiency Through Self-Service  

From Amazon to your local grocery store, self-checkout has become common place in our lives – it’s convenient and fast. That’s why we launched the ADESA Purchases Page for self-service, digital checkout.  

With a simplified overview, streamlined checkout and expanded post-sale access to reports, customers get vehicles quicker and can manage their purchases across ADESA in one centralized place. 

Improved Transport Network  

Time is money for our customers and that means when you purchase a vehicle, you want it on your lot as quickly as possible. So how do you improve an already industry-leading transport network? We transformed our auction locations to Vehicle Logistics Centers and created a nationwide Hub and Spoke system for transporting, inspecting, reconditioning, storing and staging vehicles for sale.  

The impact of this approach is especially clear when arranging inbound and outbound transport. Using our driver pool to fulfill short distance transport and partnering with our third-party carriers on long haul moves, we’ve successfully shrunk our time in transit from seller to buyer. The result has been a satisfied customer base that has trusted us to deliver over 800K vehicles to date this year. 

Customer-Obsessed Culture 

Culture isn’t created overnight; it’s something that must be created, cultivated, and bought into. All the innovation, technology and changes we make aren’t anything without a team that can deliver them to our customers.  

With that in mind, we’ve continued to invest in our customer service team and infrastructure by providing an open forum to collect employee input and by expanding leadership development programs. We have extended the hours and communication channels where a customer can get help, while also cross training our employees across marketplaces and tools to empower them to provide quick and efficient resolutions for customers. 

While Customer Service Week is a time to celebrate the incredible things we’re doing for our customers at KAR Global, it’s also a time to look to the future. As we continue to embark on an increasingly digital future, it’s our promise to continue to be the best partner to our customers by delivering outstanding and passionate customer service every day.  

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