Exceeding Expectations is the New Meeting Expectations

Forbes, in partnership with the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI), recently published a list of the top 20 companies across all industries with the best customer service. At the top of the list is Chick-fil-A. That’s understandable. It has a limited menu that it has mastered and invests heavily in training employees, which includes training on how to be courteous to customers. On this same list are more restaurants, automakers and even retail giant Amazon.

What do these companies have in common?

They make the customer feel special. The closest thing to a home cooked meal could be Cracker Barrel, #17 on the list. Nothing says welcome like warm, straight-out-of-the-oven biscuits and apple pie with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. They know their brand and customers love that brand.

Interacting with these companies is easy and efficient. Google and Apple are both on this list, #12 and #13 respectively. These are companies whose products are a blank web page with a search box and a near-buttonless phone. It can’t get more simple than that. FedEx, #19 on the list, provides rapid delivery, and if you want to know where your package is — just track it and know exactly when it will be at your front door.

These companies offer quality at a value and customers trust their products. The customer doesn’t feel like they’ve been had. LG is #15 on list and customers are quoted as saying “I’ve never had a problem…I have no complaints.” And at #11 Subaru, Kelly Blue Book’s “most trusted” car brand for 2018, offers a product known for its safety features and loved for its affordability.

When I took on my new role as chief commercial officer, I knew that I wanted all these things to be a part of the customer experience at ADESA. Every day, our customers should feel special, their interactions with us should be easy and efficient and they must trust that they are getting what they pay for. As a marketplace for vehicles, we are the conduit where buyers and sellers come together with the same goal — leave the auction satisfied that they are not being taken advantage of and they got the most out of their transaction.

But I want to take it a step further. So, not just meet these expectations, exceed them. Let’s help ADESA customers succeed in their dealerships. Let’s give them the products, tools and solutions to make their transactions at the auction seamless and efficient. Let’s fully integrate the full suite of KAR products to give them an end-to-end solution that helps them get the cars that will profitably, sell quickly on their lots. And let’s allow them to conveniently track their vehicles through the entire journey from seller to buyer and the ancillary services in between.

I’ve only been in my new role a few months, but I can say with confidence that the ADESA team is already working toward exceeding customer expectations. That’s the new “meeting expectations.”

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