Life at KAR: Q&A with Christine Siedlecki, Operations Desk Analyst

Christine Siedlecki started as a contractor. She went on to initiate the start of an entire ops team at ADESA. Read more about her career path in the Q&A below.     

What has your journey at ADESA looked like?  

I started as a contractor before transitioning over to a full-time employee. I started in US online operations, focused on strengthening the connection and service provided by KAR Global IT to our 70+ ADESA Vehicle Logistic Centers. From there, we started the ADESA Tech Ops Team. Our goal was to connect field employees, the product team and IT services to make sure we were taking care of all the field employee product and IT needs. That is where I really hit the ground running and where I’m currently at.

What is something you are most proud of during your time with ADESA?  

Starting the ADESA Tech Ops Team and bridging the gap between our field employees and product teams.   

What do you like the most about working at ADESA?  

The people that we work with. We’re like a family.  Also, making field employees’ lives easier is very rewarding so I enjoy it a lot.  

What’s a piece of advice for newcomers to the company? 

Knowing your niche, what you’re good at and what is missing. That’s how the ADESA Tech Ops Team started.  

What’s your favorite aspect of being an operations analyst at ADESA?

Seeing the feedback you give to the product teams be implemented and go live. Then hearing the positive feedback from the field. You know your work matters, and it makes the day a little more sparkly.  

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