Life at KAR: Q&A with Parag Patel, Lead, Auto Body

Parag’s strong sense of leadership, teamwork and creativity helped him move up from auto body technician to supervisor. Read more on his career growth in our Q&A style chat below.  

What has your journey at ADESA looked like?  

This is my second rodeo. The first time around, I was with ADESA for about 6 years. I took a year off and then I was asked by ADESA if I wanted to come back. I really enjoyed my time here, so it was a no-brainer. They put me right back in the position I was in, which was an auto body technician. A year went by, and they asked if I wanted to be a supervisor. This was great because my main goal is to keep climbing up the ladder.  

What is something you are most proud of during your time with ADESA?  

It would have to be all the teamwork and friendships I have gained. We have all been to each other’s weddings and major life events. We all know each other’s kids’ names. We have built that bond – especially everyone in the body shop. My team is my family away from my family.  

What do you like the most about working at ADESA?  

How we always have a goal in mind and do whatever we can to accomplish it.  

Last week, one of our newer customers set a goal of selling 45 units. This was a challenge, but we set a new record for ourselves and made it happen. Then congratulatory emails started flooding in from the customer and corporate. There was a huge sense of pride in the shop because we know no matter how difficult a goal may seem – we’re a team and we’ll make it happen.  

What’s a piece of advice for newcomers to the company? 

Come in like a sponge. Take in all the information that you can. You will succeed if you’re motivated but it’s all on you. Do your part, ask a million questions and be willing to try new things. That’s how my team and I have succeeded. People are there to help you and want to help you succeed – so take advantage of that.  

What’s your favorite aspect of your work?

Creativity, imagination, and how not every damage is the same.  

For instance, when someone comes in with a scratch on their vehicle, it’s a different kind of scratch than what you dealt with the other day. It can even be the exact same model of car, but the damage is different. Then coming up with a plan – how can I fix this the best way possible? It allows me to continue to be challenged and keeps me on my toes.  

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