Powering Smarter Decisions with Actionable Data: Introducing KAR Global’s Interactive Dashboards

KAR Global has launched a series of dashboards that capture retail used vehicle demand and wholesale buyer activity. Powered by DRIVIN®—our proprietary analytics engine—and our unrivaled data streams, our dashboards visualize insights not found anywhere else in the industry.

Our data is seamlessly and intuitively displayed to help our customers gain a deep understanding of market trends and—most importantly—gather actionable intelligence to drive smarter buying and selling decisions.

How to Use

Our dashboards are easy to locate and even easier to use. Embedded here on, immerse yourself and quickly begin interacting with the data. Glean high-level trends from a glance, hover over maps to reveal specific data points and slide date bars to capture trends for precise points in time. Nationwide trends can be viewed as well as state-level metrics. To view data from a specific state, simply filter by state and metrics will shift from a national to a state-level view.

Our dashboards provide insights for customers of all sizes and industry position. If you’re a commercial seller, leverage state-level market data to optimize price and re-balance inventory. If you’re a member of a large dealer group, use data to more proactively target lot inventory levels. Or if you’re an individual buyer, track when your market peers have returned to full wholesale buying activity.

Dashboards at a Glance

The following dashboards are currently live. Check out the details below to learn what each dashboard has to offer.

Used Vehicle Retail Activity

An indicator of used car demand, Average Days of Used Vehicle Retail Supply shows how long, on average, it takes for a dealer’s entire used vehicle supply to sell down. Nationwide data is available along with drill-downs at the state-level. Typically, used vehicle retail supply averages in the 40-45 day range. In practice, this means that fewer days’ supply may suggest high retail activity and therefore higher wholesale demand, while greater days’ supply may suggest low retail activity and therefore lower wholesale dealer demand.

In addition to average days of used vehicle retail supply, used car sales and new used vehicles entering the retail market are displayed as month-over-month trends for a rolling twelve months. These month-over-month trends depict the general health of the used car market. Aggregate retail used vehicle volumes show the month-over-month shift in total used cars for sale at any given time for a rolling twelve months. Filters can be used to isolate trends by state for each of these trend lines.

Wholesale Buyer Activity

The Wholesale Buyer Activity dashboards provide insight into the lift of rolling 7-day auction buyer purchasing activity percent month-over-month—indicating wholesale market health. For example, if our active dealer population in a state were 1,000, and in the last 7 days of February, 100 dealers purchased vehicles, the wholesale buyer activity rate would be 10% against the estimated total population of annual buyers. Yet if in January, the wholesale buyer activity rate was 20% during the same period, the dashboard will indicate a 50% reduction in rolling 7-day wholesale buyer activity

Buyer participation data is available at the state-level and is also represented as an aggregate trend line over time.

What to Expect

Dashboards will be updated weekly on Tuesdays. Like all our products and services, we’ll continue to iterate to provide our customers with a best-in-class experience; to that end, expect to see more dashboards added soon.

We look forward to providing our customers and our industry with this leading tool. As always, we welcome feedback; reach out to your account executive with questions or suggestions.

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