Reconditioning: Get More, Faster

At a time when other auto auctions outsource their reconditioning services and labor, KAR brand Dent-ology has established itself as a leading industry provider of paintless dent repair (PDR), light panel and wheel repairs, interior and headlight restoration, and premier paint and buff services.

We have assembled a coast-to-coast network of master technicians uniquely positioned to quickly and efficiently deliver a full range of reconditioning and hail repair services — both in the lanes and on your lot.

By keeping these resources within KAR Auction Services, we’re able to maintain complete control, bundle solutions tailored for each customer and consistently provide the exceptionally high quality of service that our customers have rightfully come to expect of us. 

Through keen strategy, a forward-looking approach and best-in-class technology, Dent-ology is able to turn cars around more quickly than just about anyone else in the reconditioning space.

Playing it SMART

SMART is an acronym for Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques — quick-turn repairs that don’t require a conventional shop or a paint booth but that yield high return on investment. These reconditioning services and cosmetic repairs are an alternative to conventional repairs made at auction sites, and they make a big difference to a vehicle’s AutoGrade and thus to its selling price. Ultimately, having these services and repairs performed make a vehicle much more attractive and valuable to the consumer. It’s much like the repairs and cosmetic enhancements you do to your house before you put it on the market.

Integrating Technology

KAR’s investment in technology is unmatched in the remarketing industry, and reconditioning is no exception. We have been making effective use of mobility and fleet workflow management platform from KAR business unit STRATIM. By fully integrating this enterprise-level platform, we’re better managing workflow, increasing efficiency and allowing customers to see the status of their reconditioning order.

Our experts use tablets equipped with proprietary software to leverage AutoGrade to have more educated conversations with customers about recommended repairs that give them maximum bang for their buck. These tools provide valuable data that help us offer smarter solutions, and our customers make better decisions.

With the integration of this technology, Dent-ology is better streamlining the experience for our customers by providing valuable benefits like faster turnaround time, higher quality repairs and access to a one-stop-shop.

Enhancing Our Footprint

Earlier this year, KAR acquired Dent-ology, which enhances our reconditioning footprint and bolsters our offerings to include wheel repair, on-lot SMART repairs and expanded hail catastrophe response services. This addition enhances our suite of end-to-end services and ensures the full KAR enterprise has in-house access to industry-leading reconditioning and repair facilities.

What’s special about Dent-ology is their model of operating on-site repair facilities, which allows for full-on body repairs and the ability to turn cars around within a 24- to 48-hour window. Our focus now is integrating Dent-ology’s offerings into each of KAR’s service locations, so that our customers can enjoy even greater speed and quality.

Investing in the Future

As I look at trends in the reconditioning space in the next few years, I see return on investment (ROI) being a key differentiator. That’s why we’re working tirelessly on solutions that turn vehicles around faster and faster, and at premium quality. I also see moving our services upstream, to make these repairs earlier in the pipeline, and into the fleet maintenance business.

We will eventually be able to send a mobile reconditioning team to customers off-site, wherever they need us. Bringing conventional repair quality to a mobile repair format will prove incredibly valuable for dealerships as we seek to provide service upstream. 

Through strategic acquisitions, innovation and integration, KAR’s reconditioning services are building the processes and infrastructure needed to thrive both today and in the future. In our mission to provide best-in-class service, we’re working to make Dent-ology a first-class recon offering for our customers.

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