The Past, the Present – and a Bright Future

This week, the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) and its members will celebrate National Auto Auction Week — a time dedicated to recognizing the auto auction industry, its contribution to the North American economy and to everyone who does their part day in and day out to support our industry.

National Auto Auction Week is a chance to look back at the past, marvel at the present, and imagine the future. I remember well my first experience at the auction — it was a night sale at ADESA Tampa in 1997. I loved everything about it, even the smell of fumes. I remember the auctioneer commenting that one of our vehicles had “custom upholstery” — which turned out to be an old bedsheet draped over the backseat! I was hooked on the auto auction industry from that very first night, and since then, I’ve looked for every opportunity to take first-timers to an auction and introduce them to this exciting, dynamic, colorful industry.

Now, our industry is in the midst of a digital revolution, and ADESA is at the forefront. Our recent advancements to the customer experience include VirtuaLane® auctions — a live in-lane auction experience that utilizes technology to create a safe, virtual marketplace for ADESA customers. It’s a more seamless, efficient customer experience, with safety as a priority.

We transitioned our online auction platform to the cloud-based, modernized, easier-to-use ADESA Simulcast. The new platform provides our online customers with more functionality and more intuitive features, and improves our customers’ in-lane experience, with enhanced displays showing condition reports and bidding activity.

ADESA also developed new “natural language” search functionality on that makes finding vehicles dramatically faster, easier and more robust. Our new search capability can return up to 400,000 vehicles in less than two seconds. Along with’s advanced filter options and canonical database, the enhancement substantially reduces the time spent searching for the right vehicles.

And we’re not done rolling out enhancements to our technology this year, especially on We care deeply about the customer experience, and we welcome and listen to your feedback. It helps us shape our future products and feature enhancements and informs us where to focus our attention first.

A lot has changed since my first visit to an auction years ago, but one thing hasn’t – the people; both employees and customers. They’re the engine that makes this company and industry run. ADESA hasn’t forgotten its roots when it comes to delivering great service to its customers and enhancing their experience with new products and offerings. During National Auto Auction Week, we pause to say thank you to our customers, our partners and our employees. Working together, we make our industry vibrant, innovative and ready for whatever the future holds.

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