Thoughtful Changes Yield Meaningful Customer Service Success

My team at ADESA Dallas has been humbled and honored to receive several awards from our consignment partners so far this year:

  • GM Financial 2018 Regional Auction of the Year
  • Merchants Fleet Auction of the Year South Central Region
  • Enterprise Holdings Auction Achievement Award
  • Toyota 2018 Premier Award
  • US Bank Director’s Award

Receiving this outpouring of recognition has prompted me to reflect on what we’ve accomplished as a team in the time that I’ve been the general manager at ADESA Dallas, one of the largest auction locations ADESA has in the United States.

Our focus on improving and enhancing the customer experience has been key to the success we’ve enjoyed. We’ve implemented a number of thoughtful, meaningful changes to make our customer service experience even better.

Before the auction

We’ve instituted what we call Real-Time Check-In. Vehicles are now stocked in upon arrival, so that customers don’t have to wait in line at the check-in chute.

We’ve also reconfigured our condition report (CR) writing flow for efficiency. Together, these two changes have resulted in reducing the average cycle time from stock-in to CR by 13%.

Along with greater efficiency in our reconditioning process, these changes mean that vehicles are ready for sale day and parked in the right spot earlier than ever. This gives buyers and sellers more time to walk the inventory before the sale.

After the auction

The GPS tracking devices we use in each unit provide us with more accurate location information. When you’re ready to pick up a vehicle you purchased, we can pinpoint its location on our lot.

We also expanded our customer service van fleet, so that once you know where you’re headed to get your vehicle, your wait time for a ride to that vehicle is significantly reduced.

We paved an additional 42 acres for clean parking, and we redesigned the lot layout to reposition our sold inventory in a more convenient location. This provides easier access for our buyers and their transporters, so that they can pick up their purchased vehicles more quickly and be on their way.

Looking forward

We’ve achieved a lot in a little under two years here at ADESA Dallas, and we’re just getting started. The team and I are looking forward to serving our customers with a best-in-class service experience for a long time to come. 

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