Upstream Inspections to Boost Your Confidence

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If the thought of inspecting your own vehicles has stopped you from selling on a digital auction platform like TradeRev, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Let me reassure you, our self-inspection app makes it easy, and if you’re still uneasy about it, we’ll even do the inspection for you.

On the other hand, if doubts about the condition of a vehicle have stopped you from buying cars from online platforms like TradeRev, ADESA Simulcast® and, I can reassure you on that point, too: Inspections and condition reports are thorough and professional, and vehicle listings are designed to contain the information you need to make an informed decision about a purchase. And if you purchase from ADESA, our optional 21-day vehicle return guarantee provides yet another layer of confidence and peace of mind when you buy.

As a Seller, the TradeRev app’s self-service capability enables you to take the high-quality “glamour” photos that you and your buyers have come to expect from online listings. It also walks you through collecting all the details to ensure a thorough report, and our quality assurance process verifies the quality of the data. The quantity of photos means buyers see every part of the vehicle.

Since you can do this on your lot, it lets you post your trade-ins or other inventory for sale on the TradeRev site as quickly as possible. It’s one of the fastest ways to post vehicles for sale on a digital auction platform.

If you prefer a third-party inspection, we have you covered there, too. Our professional, fully trained vehicle inspectors will come to your dealership and quickly complete a thorough inspection for you. Under the umbrella of KAR Global Inspection Solutions, TradeRev’s market sales coordinators (MSCs) are joined by the network of AutoVIN field inspectors and ADESA inspectors to create a team of approximately 1,500 inspectors in the U.S. and Canada, ready to assist you. The inspection is done, the photos captured, and the vehicle is posted for sale on TradeRev in a matter of minutes.

Those thorough inspections give buyers peace of mind. As a Buyer on TradeRev, you can feel confident in the details of an inspection report whether it was done by one of our field inspectors or by the Seller.

As a Seller, you can also opt-in to Arbitration Protection for $100 per vehicle. And if your vehicle doesn’t sell on TradeRev, we can take it offsite to sell at ADESA with the click of a button from the TradeRev app, for just $150 per vehicle — including a free wash & vacuum and free transport under 75 miles. When you decide to sell and add both of these services onto a vehicle, you’re truly giving it a one-way ticket off your lot.

Don’t let a vehicle inspection stand in the way of posting your unwanted trades or other inventory for sale upstream on TradeRev. KAR Global Inspection Solutions are here to give you the confidence to buy and sell at whatever level you choose.


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