VirtuaLane – A Safer Auction Experience

At ADESA, we’re always working to make the physical auction experience safer and more efficient for our customers. In fact, we’re the company that created Safe T. Sam—the most widely used safety standards training program in the auction industry — and reducing the risk for potential accidents is a high priority for us.

With the support of major automotive brands such as American Honda Finance Corporation, we’ve taken a major step toward physical auction safety with the launch of ADESA VirtuaLane®—a live, in-lane auction experience that leverages technology to create a safe, virtual marketplace for customers at our auction locations.

VirtuaLane sales are very much like the live vehicle auctions you’re used to attending. The difference is that instead of cars physically driving through the lanes, 65-inch big-screen monitors show you the vehicle and its features during bidding. Just as you would enjoy the big game with dozens of your closest friends at your local Buffalo Wild Wings, you can enjoy your next in-lane auction experience. There’s an auctioneer, carpeting in the lane, bar stools to sit on, and often food and soft drinks. The big screens, the bar stools, the buzz of activity — everything Buffalo Wild Wings has to offer except the beer.

We know that for many dealers, going to the auction is a fun and social event, and VirtuaLane retains that appeal. But most importantly for ADESA, it’s a safer in-lane experience.

Just as with traditional ADESA auctions, dealer customers can access detailed condition reports, photos, vehicle history and valuation tools for vehicles ahead of the sale. Before the bidding begins, customers can view vehicles in-person while parked in the auction lot.

VirtuaLane brings together the best aspects of in-lane and online buying. If you like going to the auction to see the car, listen to the motor running and kick the tires — go to the auction and do that, before the sale starts. When the sale begins, come inside, have a seat and maybe a snack, and bid safely in the lane without having to watch your toes or deal with the weather. You’ll have all the information on the screens right there in the lane with you.

We started testing the concept in 2017 and really started ramping it up in late 2018 with support of major automotive brands who value the added safety of not running cars through the lanes. We plan to have VirtuaLane at 30 sites by the end of this year.

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